Scarlett O'Hara Our Star!!!

Purina ProPlan Commercial

In late March of this year three of our girls were selected to star in the upcoming Purina ProPlan commercial!

After two weeks of minimal training with dog training expert Joel Silverman,(if you like check out his web site, the commercial was filmed early April and set to air on the cable channels sometime in May!

Scarlett was the gal on the set and got to do most of the work. She worked well with the actress and did all of the scenes the first morning of the two day shoot. That afternoon she did most of the work also as you can see her image on the monitor in the picture above. She endured working endlessly in the cool temperatures and the fake rain. She was awesome and did everything that was asked of her, just like a pro!

The second day of filming, Emma and Mango got into the act along with Scarlett. Emma did scenes entering a house through a dog door and got to do the famous run and get the food scene in the kitchen (it seems you always see those feeding scenes). Mango got a scene greeting the actress as she was coming home - jump up and be happy - not hard to do at all!! Scarlett shined again and did quite a few more scenes and just dazzled everyone including Joel!

We are extremely proud of our girls and how well they behaved on set and are excitedly awaiting to see the finished product!!

Just a note:  three of  the pups from Scarlett's last litter born this last December will be in Iams food print ads!  We are very proud of our kids and glad to know that they are apreciated by others just as much as we apreciate them.