Above: Just using our time wisely--sun bathing!!!!

Please enjoy these pictures of our dogs and pups.  These are examples of daily life and things that we like to do!!  Our dogs are like our family and their pups are family as long as they are here with us.  They all are our kids with gray suits and four legs!!!

Relaxing next to the campfire at our favorite camp spot.

All of the dogs go camping with us.  They love to run patterns and look for wild life.  The campfire is very important each night!

From left to right: Cody, Mango, Scarlett, Echo, and Emma.

Relaxing at home!!

Dog Pile

So, this is a puppy pile!  All pups love to cuddle.  This litter was especially fond of cuddling!! 

Aren't they cute!!

Nap Time
It is just so stressful growing up!  Just learning how to relax on my back at an early age.  Most weims love to nap on their backs.

Echo with her first rabbit catch!

The roadrunner was faster than the coyote, but this rabbit wasn't as fast as Echo.

She was sooo proud of her first catch!  She flushed it, chased it, and then brought it back to show me!!  Such a good hunter!

Sometimes two in a crate is better than one! Scarlett cuddles with Echo in the crate in the den.
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