Here are some more pictures of daily life. Please enjoy!

I will add new pictures as they become available.  These should give you a look into our lives and how we treasure our gray kids!!  

Mango giving me a hug in the kitchen. She is such a loving girl!

Desiree and Echo with Desiree's new baby basset hound: Crossroads Hi Heel Sneakers

Emma and Sneakers taking rest time together.

Mango looks tough, but she has a very gentle loving soul.

Sneakers playing with a pup.

Cody thinks that Grandpa's lap is the place to be.

In front of the fireplace is the spot to be on Christmas morn.

Sometimes Scarlett thinks this is the best look out....
Echo waits for her turn in the agility ring.
....and sometimes this is just the spot to take a nap. Mango thought I might need help with the website!