Pearl Essence Weimaraners

Our gray kids!

Johnson's Wild Bill Cody CD,RE,CGC
What a handsome man!

Lady Emma Pearl Von LePenske
Emma was queen of the land!  We had to say good bye to Emma June of 2013.  She was just over 14 yrs. old!  She is missed every single day.

MACH8 Pearl Essence Scarlett O'Hara CD, RAE, MXB3, MXJB3, CGC,
Scarlett is daughter of Cody and Emma!  She is #2 dog of the land!

Mango Bernardo CD, RAE, NA, NAJ, CGC
Such a wonderful girl! She was very loving and loyal.  We lost Mango to bloat, November of 2013.  I miss her hugs!  She was only 9 yrs. old.

MACH10 Pearl Essence Aurora's Echo CD, RA, MXG3, MJC3, CGC

Echo is the first weimaraner ever to earn MACH8.  She retired from agility with a  MACH15!!!!!

Emma and Cody
Our kids featured in the 2003 Pride Pet Weimaraner calendar!!!
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